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Buses go to more places than the trains. The fares are usually lower but you do not have the comfort of train travel. The major interstate bus line is Greyhound. Their toll free number is: (800) 231-2222. However, for discounted fares for international travelers call Toll Free: (800) 246-8572. In NYC use (212) 971-0492.

Greyhound offers great packages on passes, visit their website, for more information.


Canada and the US have consolidated passenger rail systems. Both offer various packages. Generally speaking, the train is a more comfortable way of traveling but the schedule is much more limited and the price is significantly higher.

The US consolidated railway system is called AMTRAK. This system handles all public train transport. It includes transport into the Canadian cities of Toronto and Montreal. The Toll Free number is (800) 872-7245. On the web: 

The Canadian system is called VIA RAIL. The toll-free number in Canada is (800) 361-1235. Via Rail offers a special package for 12 days of travel within a 30-day period. Call for the current fare. Or visit their website: 

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