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The Hostel Handbook and provides information on hostels in the USA and Canada. The information is designed for the traveling public that has made the decision to use hostels as part of their travel experience. The information is provided as a service in the form of a directory of hostels and related services.

Specifically, the comments section included under some hostel listings are purchased product and the content of the comments provided by the management of that hostel. These comments are not editorial evaluations and under no circumstances should be construed as a referral.

We strive to assure the accuracy of the information included herein. However, The Hostel Handbook and disclaims any responsibility for or liability related to the performance of the web site or the use of any information in this web site and other webs sites accessed through

The Hostel Handbook is a registered trademark. The Hostel Handbook and are copyrighted and protected by US and international copyright laws. Individuals may reproduce sections of for personal use. Any reproduction for commercial use is strictly prohibited without written permission of the editor. This copyright protection includes but is not limited to all content in the book and the website and specifically includes the compilation of the material. Compilation means the collection, arrangement and design of all material. Though much of the material is in the public domain, the compilation of the material in the Handbook and on the web site is exclusive property of the publisher and protected by U.S. and international copyright laws.


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