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The hostel information on this website is continually updated to assure you of the most current information. This is the most complete and accurate list of hostels and other similar accommodation in North America. The listings are concise and include all the hostels. The listings are organized as follows:


Address City, State or Province, Post Code
Phone, Affiliation, *Price*
Text after some listings are comments provided by that hostel's management. The managers provide these comments - expect them to fulfill their promises! These comments are not editorial evaluations and are not referrals.

*S=Summer Only, B=Breakfast Included, tx=Tax

The affiliations include the following categories:

HI-USA: Hostelling International USA
Operates the largest network of hostels in America, with nearly 60 locations from New York to Hawaii. All HI-USA hostels are routinely inspected as part of a quality standards program to ensure a great stay. HI also provides information and discounts on local tours, attractions and restaurants, along with great local programs. Reservations can be made on its web site:

HI-C: Hostelling International - Canada
HI-C hostels undergo annual inspections and are relicensed by the individual regional offices to ensure high standards. If you do not have an HI membership card, the price is a couple of dollars more than the price listed. For membership and more information contact: HI-Canada, 400 205 Catherine Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 1C3. Phone: (613) 237 7884. Reservations can be made at several HI C locations by calling: (800) 663 5777. Email: Web:

BHC: Backpackers Hostels Canada/
Auberges Backpackers Canada
A network of over 100 Canadian independent hostels. Hostellers are not required to have membership cards so there are no differential rates. Some hostels in this organization offer discounts through various programmes. Headquarters is Longhouse Village, RR 13, Thunder Bay, Ontario P7B 5E4). Toll Free: (888) 920 0044. email: website:

U: Unaffiliated
This is the catch-all category for those hostels and hotels that choose not to affiliate with an organization. A very wide variety of places with a very wide variety of services. 

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